It’ll be great no matter what :D! Sounding like such a professional artist over here XP ha ha!

Awww nasi, STOP ;u;  I wish I was a pro music maker (nah, that’s Boggy~), for now I just toss songs together.

replied to your post:MY SCHOOL’S WIFI IS A MESS AT NIGHT.

Guelph is like that too -3-…they have a wireless access agent, so annoying!!! D:

It’s SO annoying, they’re playing with my emotions! They don’t understand that internet is my life  D:

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Posted on September 18th at 9:22 PM
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  1. askteamtoxiclove said: At least you can! So muti-talented in all art forms X3! I know right…-3- it’s like they want to destroy us D:!
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